22 November 2019

Creative Inspiration From Dulux Colour Schemes For 2020

Looking for practical, creative inspiration for painting a home? When it comes to creating a beautiful, relaxing home, colour is essential. In fact, painting the interior of your home is one of the simplest, most effective ways to enhance the beauty of your living space and create your ideal atmosphere. To create your perfect living space, take inspiration from the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2020: the palette of colours set to define interior design trends for the next 12 months.

Dulux Colour Forecast

More than ever, the home is a sanctuary from the relentless pace of our work, lives, and connection to the digital world. Inspired by the wellness movement, the Dulux colour trends for 2020 reflect a growing desire for calm and relaxation in our chaotic, tech-driven era. These gorgeous colour palettes combine classic elegance with cutting-edge contemporary style to create a space for rejuvenation and calm.

For 2020, Dulux has curated four tonal palettes, underpinned by a focus on authenticity and sustainability: Grounded, Indulge, Comeback, and Cultivate.

Dulux Colour Schemes

#1: Cultivate

Cultivate is a botanically-inspired Dulux colour scheme, designed to create a serene oasis away from the chaotic modern world. Find refuge in beautiful simplicity with shades of soothing green and harmonious highlight colours that echo the natural world, including chalky grey blue and earthy plum shades. This restrained, warm aesthetic pairs beautifully with mid-tone timbers, natural stone and transparent coloured glass to create a luxurious, natural look that feels inviting and restful.

Dulux Colour Trends #1: Te Aroha, Jadeite and Hancock

Combine elegant khaki green with pastel jade and deep jade green to create a refreshing interior that calms the mind and spirit. If you appreciate slow living and our ability to nurture, grow and sustain ourselves in simple and small ways, this palette creates the perfect sanctuary for mindful living.

Recommended for: Living rooms, bathrooms
How to style: Pair these jewel tones with dark woods (living room) or brass finishes (bathroom) to elevate the look. Keep furnishings to light neutrals to allow the colour palette to take centre stage.

Dulux Colour Trends #2: Pencarrow, Herbal and Water Reed

Create natural luxury by combining refreshing true teal with complementary shades of dark moss-green and muted neutral gold. This palette is ideal for creating a soothing, calm refuge of home where we can rest, re-focus and regenerate.

Recommended for: Bathrooms
How to style: Add touches of white and soft blue to create a calming atmosphere.

Dulux Colour Trends #3: Purple Palace, Niche and Rousseau Green

Experiment with a bold yet elegant retro interior with shades of rich yet muted purple, soft twilight blue and bright, rich emerald. This colour palette is both balanced and energising.

Recommended for: Living rooms, bedrooms
How to style: Add in creamy white furniture to create a serene yet sophisticated ambience. Keep the furniture to simple, muted colours.

Dulux Colour Trends #4: Priory, Powdered Gum and Warm Woollen

Oxidised bronze, soft moss green and golden yellow create an atmosphere of warmth and serenity. This colour palette feels subdued, restrained and calm.

Recommended for: Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms
How to style: Add accents of white and grey furniture to create a clean yet warm feel.

#2: Indulge

Inspired by Art Deco, Indulge is a Dulux colour scheme ideal for creating a vintage, sophisticated interior. This lush, romantic red-toned palette emphasises warmth and luxury, mixing soft corals and warm dusty rose with earthy tans, faded terracotta, rich burgundy and dramatic eggplant.

Dulux Colour Trends #1: Yolande, Russet Tan and Henna Red

Embrace earthy tones with a palette of dusky, peachy coral and deep auburn brown with accents of rich maroon. This inviting colour palette conveys a sense of stability and luxury. Layering these colours in a bedroom will have a cocooning effect, perfectly suited for snuggling under blankets on a cold winter morning.

Recommended for: Living rooms, bedrooms
How to style: Energise your living room with accessories like curtains, pillows, lampshades, or area rugs in shades that echo this stunning colour palette.

Dulux Colour Trends #2: Subtle Violet, Yolande and Show Business

Create a serene, romantic atmosphere with muted lilac-pinks, dusky peachy corals and soft tangerine. This gentle colour palette will always glow and provide warmth, even on a cloudy day.

Recommended for: Bedrooms
How to style: Bring in elements of comfort with soft, brown leather, natural timbers and warm, woollen blankets in creamy shades. Doses of metallic brass can help you achieve a cohesive yet eclectic look.

Dulux Colour Trends #3: Lilac Light, Subtle Violet and Camellia

Muted brown-pinks and ashy mauve-pinks add a touch of lightness and balance to rich, dusty rose. This feminine palette is tranquil and whimsical.

Recommended for: Dining rooms and living rooms
How to style: Pair with decor in white and peach shades to allow the painted walls to take centre stage. Brass accents will add a touch of glamour.

Dulux Colour Trends #4: Soft Chamois, Orangeade and Red Rebel

Soft orange-yellow, deep rust orange and cool, deep red combine to create an effortlessly cosy atmosphere. This is a more daring colour palette that will bring a lively and dramatic energy to your living space. It is ideal for textured walls.

Recommended for: Dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms
How to style: Bring in earthy colours like peach and clay in decor. Alternatively, shades of cool blue and charcoal will help balance out the warm tones for a balanced and comfortable visual result.

#3: Grounded

Grounded is the ideal Dulux colour scheme for crafting a pared-back interior of understated natural beauty. This colour palette features biscuit and caramel shades, alongside soft lavenders, terracotta, golds and corals. This palette helps to create a sense of lightness, calm and relaxation in any space.

Dulux Colour Trends #1: Grey Reflection, Pancake Mix and Fantan

A beautifully serene colour palette can be created with grounded neutrals, including warm eggshell white, soft warm sandy beige and warm, golden tan. Rather than any strong colour taking centre stage, these natural colours bring texture and interest to cultivate a calming yet stylish, minimalist atmosphere.

Recommended for: Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens
How to style: Add natural lighting with brass accents and velvet textures. If you’d like to inject more colour through your decor, dark cool evergreen tones and navy accents will add more depth and impact to the calming neutral shades.

Dulux Colour Trends #2: Casper White Half, Waitangi and Gold Pheasant

The colours in this colour palette are soft yet complex. Dark muted coral and soft mushroom accents bring elegance and depth to a soft grey white background, creating a warm, charming atmosphere.

Recommended for: Living rooms, bedrooms
How to style: Bring in a cool grey accents in your decor to deepen the cosy, relaxed feel.

Dulux Colour Trends #3: Ghost Town Quarter, Fantan and Hint of Lavender

Soft pale greys mix with warm golden tans and muted lavender to create an airy yet warm and balanced space. This organic colour scheme is mellow and creates a sense of harmony and restful balance.

Recommended for: Bedrooms
How to style: Mix metallic gold finishes with gray-tone lavender furniture and beige, magenta or soft yellow decor to create a high-interest, serene space.

Dulux Colour Trends #4: White Dune, Sandrock Bluff and Time Capsule

Warm sandy white, soft beige and muted fawn combine to create the perfect neutral palette for a restful and rejuvenating space. This palette creates a feeling of durability and security.

Recommended for: Bedrooms
How to style: This relaxed palette is the perfect canvas for any colour combination you desire. Add vivid, deep jewel tones or soft pastels for a refreshing look.

#4: Comeback

Inspired by the eclectic boldness of the Bauhaus movement, the Comeback Dulux colour scheme creates an atmosphere of calm confidence. Fresh, invigorating teal and azure contrast with earthy, cosy shades like amber, deep mustard, warm burgundy and rust.

Ideal for interiors that blend contemporary style with accents of vintage charm — from mid-century modern styling to 80s retro — to create a rich, layered aesthetic that feels expressive yet reassuringly familiar.

Dulux Colour Trends #1: Coffee Clay, Carter’s Scroll and Tort

In this palette, soft neutral camel provides a grounding base for dusky turquoise and muted mid-blue shades.

Recommended for: Living rooms
How to style: This versatile palette works best with teals, pine green and mid-blue accents.

Dulux Colour Trends #2: Red Ochre, Warmth and Misty Grape

In this palette, rich golden mustard contrasts with faded dark plum and deep terracotta.

Recommended for: Living rooms, bedrooms
How to style: Add apricot and rose gold accents for a refined atmosphere.

Dulux Colour Trends #3: Blue Shell, Undersea and Amphitrite

In this palette, dusty pale blue mixes with soft dark grey and muted gunmetal grey. This palette, combined with a warm white, can help maintain calm in busy rooms like the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Recommended for: Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms
How to style: Add accents of gold throughout the space to create a sleek, sophisticated interior.

Dulux Colour Trends #4: Cameo Blue Half, Silk Sox and Master Blue

Pale blue, soft periwinkle and warm midnight blue are ideal for creating a relaxed yet grand ambience. This colour palette as an ideal colour palette for a bedroom, as the soothing blue shades will promote a restful sleep.

Recommended for: Bedrooms, living rooms
How to style: Add rich camel and other warm neutral shades like ivory and cream to create a relaxed ambience.

These are all part of the latest construction methods that are taking the industry by storm, and will transform how building is done over the next decade.

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