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Is the paint on your roof fading, crumbling or damaged? Are your roof tiles damaged or discoloured? Is your roof leaking, mouldy or rusting? Wilko Painting provides high-quality Brisbane roof restoration and roof painting services for domestic and commercial properties.

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Benefits of Working With Our Roof Painting Experts

What sets Wilko Painting apart when it comes to Brisbane roof painting?

We’ve earned a reputation as Brisbane’s most trusted roof restoration company because we offer no hidden costs and exceptional service.

We are Dulux accredited, which means we are trusted by Australia’s most trusted paint brand and use only the highest quality paint. Our Queensland Building and Construction Commission licence number is 1316536. We are fully insured for everything from small domestic roof painting to large commercial restoration. Our painters have years of residential and commercial roof painting experience.

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We are leaders in our industry guaranteeing superior quality control and customer satisfaction. It’s simple – Wilko, Works.

Roof Painters Brisbane - Wilko Works Guarantee

“We chose Wilko Painting because of their proven track record – and after dealing with them I can see why they are the most awarded painters in Brisbane.”

Phil Jameson

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The Trusted Painters

Our Roof Painting Process

  • Step 1 

    Expert roof paint advice
    Wilko Painting’s team of experienced Brisbane roof painters can help your roof achieve an immaculate finish that will last for decades to come. Whether your roof is tin, tile, concrete, COLORBOND or corrugated metal, we provide expert, tailored advice on the best, most durable roof paint for your unique roof material.

    We are a Dulux accredited painter, which means we work with only the highest quality paints, including well-regarded roof membrane paints such as Dulux AcraTex Membrane 103, and roof and trim paints such as Dulux Roof & Trim Semi Gloss.

    Ultimately, our expert advice will ensure your roof lasts for decades, provides superior cooling in the harsh Queensland climate, and increases your building’s sustainability. We will help you with the best roof painting price along with high quality workmanship from your roof restorations.

  • Step 2 

    Colour consultancy (optional)
    Looking for advice on how to choose the best roof colour? Our professional colour consultancy service will provide astute recommendations on popular colours, renovating trends, and the best colour schemes to complement your home’s interior and exterior, with the goal of increasing your property’s value.

  • Step 3 

    Roof preparation
    Our Brisbane house painters will always prepare your roof thoroughly before we begin painting. Due to the roof painting cost, we take extra care to ensure you have the best results possible. This typically means:

    – Setting up scaffolding and anchor points or guardrails.

    – Minor repairs to the roof, such as fixing and recapping broken roof tiles, replacing damaged iron and mortar, removing flaking paint, preparing the gable ends and flashing, fixing broken tiles for tile roof restorations on existing roofs

    – Thorough cleaning with a high pressure cleaner to prevent fresh paint from premature flaking

    – Applying a mould treatment to your roof to prevent mould from damaging your new paint as it ages (optional)

    – Masking your walls to prevent overspray as we apply the roof paint

  • Step 4 

    Roof painting
    First, we will apply a fresh coat of primer to restore your roof’s weather tightness.

    Next, we will start with your roof painting with an airless spray gun to guarantee a smooth and even application on both tin and tiled roof.

    Third, we will apply either:

    – Three coatings of high-quality roof membrane paint, or

    – Roof and trim paint, using a two coat system

    All Dulux products offer a lifetime warranty.

    Wilko Painting also offers 5-year workmanship on all Brisbane roof restoration jobs. If your roof paint starts to lift or bubble, we will come out and fix this for you, free of charge. This is why we are the favourites for all your home painting Brisbane.


  • What are signs that I need to repaint my roof?

    Here are tell-tale signs you need to repaint your roof:

    • Discolouration: Over time, rain, debris and sunlight will take its toll on the colour of your roof. Additionally, damage from storms or birds may create surface marks and cause your roof paint to look uneven.
    • Lichens and moss growing on the roof: If you haven’t had your roof repainted for some time, lichens and moss have likely made a home on your roof tiles. To stop this from damaging your roof further, we recommend having a professional clean and re-apply protective paint or spray to your roof.

    Roof restoration and painting is the most affordable way to maintain your roof compared to galvanising or a full structural repair.

  • What are the advantages of hiring Wilko Painting to paint my roof?

    Wilko’s expert Brisbane roof restoration service will:

    • Provide superior protection from the weather: In Queensland’s scorching and unpredictable weather, a roof forms the first line of defence against winds, sun and storms.
    • Extend the life of your roof: High-quality reflective roof paint will reflect the bulk of the sun’s damaging UV rays from your roof’s surface, dramatically increasing its lifespan.
    • Protect your roof from repeated rusting and corrosion: Rust can eat through the roofing structure and weaken its mechanical integrity.
    • Improve your building’s sustainability: Heat-reflective paint will make your building’s interior cooler and more comfortable, decreasing your electricity bills.
    • Improve your property’s resale value: Painting your roof can dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or business, boosting your property’s value.
  • What should I look for in a roof painting company?

    To ensure you select a roof painting Brisbane company that will restore your roof to a high standard for a fair price, look for the following traits:

    • Licensed tradesmen: Tradesmen should be fully licensed to perform roof tiling and painting. Roof restorations is a complex project, involving many skills. Ensure that you select a company with the appropriate training and experience.
    • Dulux accreditation: This certifies that they use high-quality products that are made to last. Dulux roof paint has a lifetime warranty, meaning it should last for the lifetime of your occupation of the property.
  • How long does it normally take to paint a roof?

    In our experience, most roof restoration projects take approximately 2 to 3 days if weather permits.

  • What roof painting products do you use?

    At Wilko Painting, we only use the highest quality roof restorations products and are Dulux accredited painters.

    We use Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane Systems Dulux Acratex membrane is a 100% acrylic coating for painting roof tiles and metal roofs, and suitable for both domestic and commercial roofing applications. Their innovative formula provides a better gloss finish and less chalking so the roof colours stay fresher and have a finish that lasts longer!

    We also use a Solver roof painting (Dureguard), which is a high quality coating which works without the use of a primer. This paint provides outstanding durability against flaking and peeling of paint.

  • Will my roof painting job come with a warranty or guarantee?

    Our roof restoration and roof repairs service includes a 5-year workmanship guarantee and lifetime warranty on Dulux paints.

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    Wilko Painting is fully insured with both public liability and WorkCover insurance, and we are certified through Ebix Trades Monitor.

  • Where do you offer your roof restoration service?

    Our roof painting service and roof restorations & roof repairs are available throughout south-east Queensland, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. We can repaint and restore your existing roof to look like new. Whether you need a full roof restoration, or a roof painter with quality workmanship you can trust, look no further thank Wilko.