October 5, 2017

5 questions to ask when hiring a painter

5 questions to ask when hiring a painter - Wilko Painting team

Question 1 – Will the painters working on my property be fully qualified?

Many painting companies employ cheap unskilled labour to offer cheaper prices.

Wilko Painting only employs highly skilled painters, which allows us to provide superior quality control. We believe in doing things right the first time – being fully qualified means you get a quality finish and a fully warranty which is backed by the paint manufacturer.

5 questions to ask when hiring a painter - QBCC Licence

Question 2 – Are you fully insured and QBCC licensed?

It is important that the painting company is fully insured, in case any damage is done to your property or a painter is injured on your property. You will want to ensure that the painting company has both public liability and workers compensation insurance.

Most businesses in the building industry in Queensland require a QBCC licence – if the painting company does not have one, this is most likely an early warning sign, and you should consider looking elsewhere.

Wilko Painting has public liability insurance up to $20 million, in addition to workers compensation insurance. We are also QBCC licensed (1315212) with Ebix Trades Monitor verifying all of our insurance documents annually.

5 questions to ask when hiring a painter - 5 year workmanship warranty

Question 3 – Do you provide a workmanship warranty?

You wouldn’t purchase a new car without a warranty, nor should you hire a painting company that doesn’t provide a workmanship warranty.

Wilko Painting provides a 5 Year Painter’s Workmanship Warranty and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the workmanship carried out on completion of your project. In the unlikely event that you aren’t, we will do our best to rectify the situation.

5 questions to ask when hiring a painter - Awards for Excellence 2017

Question 4 – Have you won any awards or are you a member of any associations?

Asking these questions is a good way to gauge whether the painting company has been recognised for any of their work and whether they are actively involved in their industry.

Wilko Painting won Dulux National Painter of the year in two years running, in addition to recently winning a Master Painters Award for Excellence (Heritage and Restoration) in 2017.

Wilko Painting is also an ARAMA industry partner, a member of Dulux Accredited, Master Painters Australia, Master Builders Queensland, Strata Community Australia and Porter’s Applicator’s Guild.

5 questions to ask when hiring a painter - Dulux Colour Consultant

Question 5 – Can you help me choose suitable colours for my property?

Choosing the wrong colours can be an expensive mistake, it is not as simple as selecting colours that you like from a swatch. Questions to ask yourself include: What colours am I attracted to? Do these colours match the flooring? Is there much natural light? What mood do I want to convey? What will the space primarily be used for? What colours will add value to my property? Have you done any new construction painting recently?

Wilko Painting will provide you with a Free Dulux Colour Consultation*, so you can get the colours right the first time. All Dulux colour consultants are fully qualified interior designers who own their own interior decorating businesses.

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