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Meet The Wilko Team

Paul WIlkinson

Paul Wilkinson (Wilko)

Paul Wilkinson established Wilko Painting following many years of painting, management and project management experience. With a history that includes management roles at Telstra, Paul is more at home as Managing Director of his own business where he feels he can benefit the community by providing support in the form of local employment and annual pro bono projects. Paul’s client focus is on the residential aspect of Wilko Painting however he is always on hand to oversee elements of commercial projects as well. As Managing Director, Paul is the main decision maker and guiding force of Wilko Painting.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson – Managing Director

Andrew Wilson is an experienced commercial painter and business owner with a long history of management and project management to his credit. He is Wilko Painting’s dedicated commercial projects manager, overseeing and taking ultimate responsibility for the company’s commercial painting projects. Andrew takes a hands-on approach and conducts regular site visits, meets clients and assists project supervisors with equipment and materials procurement. He ensures jobs adhere to budget, allocates personnel to specific jobs and makes himself available to resolve any unforeseen issues on commercial jobs.