9 February 2016

How Should I Pick my Interior house Paint Colour?

Wilko house painting can share more tips with you; however, most homeowners find these tips helpful when selecting an interior paint colour:

  • Dark colours recede, while light colours advance. To make a narrow room look wider, paint the end walls dark and the long walls light. The light coloured walls will reflect more light and seem bigger.Same applies for small rooms and big rooms. To make a small room look bigger, use lighter shades of paint. To make a large room feel smaller, select darker shades.
  • View paint swatches during the day and at night. Your swatches can look different under different light intensities. The colour temperature of illumination of a light can change from softer yellows to brighter blues to white depending on the light source.
  • Choose a single colour to shine in a space; other colours should only be used as accents.

What Type of Paint Do you Use?

We are happy to use the brand of paint you prefer; however, we partner with Dulux Paints for trends, training, and more.

To start your interior house painting project, contact Wilko Painting.